Technical Services

Resicum International LLC provides technical support services including training, advisory and mission support services in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, new equipment acquisition, digital forensics and cyber security.


Comprehensive training programs, advisory and mission support services provided by top experts in their fields:

  • Classroom, hip pocket and on the job training programs to include apprenticeship program design, development and execution

  • Comprehensive curriculum and training aid development

  • Test and Evaluation

  • Training support services including role players, media on the battlefield and range support

  • Strategic Planning, Policy and Procedure Development

  • Staff Augmentation

  • DDTC Licensed 


  • Specialized Capacity Building and Advisory Support 

  • Strategic Planning

  • Policy and Procedure Development

Resicum's experience in providing technical training includes:

  • Mission Sensor Operator training delivered in Spanish

  • Digital Forensics training and provision of all training aids 

  • Comprehensive skills training for law enforcement and military interviewers 

  • Curriculum development for survival training and counter surveillance training

  • Technical translation services


  • Vehicle Maintenance

  • Equipment Test and Evaluation

  • Staff Augmentation



Resicum field teams deploy wherever they are needed. Our teams are professional  in appearance and service delivery - they focus on delivering reliable services in any conditions.  

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